Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"How being a Good Girl can be Bad for Girls

  • Deborah L. Tolman- Wellesley College " How being a Good Girl can be Bad for Girls"
  • The things that I understand about this reading is that when we talk to young girls about their feelings and sexuality, we should teach them about all the risks involved so that their innocence and self-esteem will not be bruised for life. The authors main idea is that when we challenge a system that depends on the erotic silence of many girls, the lynchpin of our current construction of adolescent sexuality and that if girls can know and incorporate their own erotic voices into their relationships and sexual choices, then they are no longer "dependable" for bearing the responsibility to control boys, "raging hormones". The author's point is that "when we are educating girls about sexual health, not only are we obliged to teach them about the physical and emotional risks of sexuality, but also of the ways in which our sexuality can make us more resilient and more alive and about our entitlement to an erotic voice ".
  • The things i do not understand is the word "asexual" and the use a method of narrative analysis caled "The Listening Guide" . The questions are what does this girls erotic voice sound like? what does she say about her body? In what relation to her self do these voices appear to be?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Media Literacy as Resistance

  • Media Literacy
  • 3-5 sentences on "what i learned about media literacy"
  • some things i dont understand about media literacy:
  • christen said ....... and media literacy agrees because....


"When I was 13"

" When I was 13, which was many many years ago, please forgive me if i do not have good memory recollections, because it has been over thirty years. I think I was in Middle school at that age. It was not called middle school where I grew up. It was either Elementary or Secondary School. It was a good experience except that I do not care too much for Math, but now I think it was the way it was taught. As an adult who is in school to be a teacher, I now know better.
I am a mother of three children and I can just use an example of what my children say or do as teenagers. My daughter would always tell me that I am a teenager now and should be allowed priviledges and she would give me the list of thinks that she wants. My son likes to multi- task which just drives me crazy. He would have the laptop in front of him, watching TV and sometimes on the phone. I would always tell them that when I was growing up I did not have all these technologies and luxuries and they would tell me that was stone age, it was different then and this is the new generation of computers, phones and technology.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010